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Support From God’s Pit Crew

To say that we are thankful for God’s Pit Crew is an understatement.  They have been an integral part of our outreach by supplying us with items and donations that fill each care package for a hospital mom.  Last year they donated notebooks, backpacks, bibles, snacks, personal care kits and MUCH more!

This year they again have supported A Mother’s Keeper with another amazing donation!  Because of God’s Pit Crew, the care packages will include blankets, jewelry, neck pillows, back support pillows, bibles and more!  They have also sent along activity packs for the hospitalized children as well!

Thank you God’s Pit Crew!  Without your help, support and commitment to others, we would not be able to bless the number of moms that we do!  We are grateful for all you do!


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