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Together, we touched 246 lives last weekend

On December 22 and 23 we delivered 246 care packages to mothers caring for their hospitalized children throughout the Richmond area. Mothers (and fathers) were given extra encouragement and support at a time when they needed it most! John wrote “We received a care package from y’all over night. You’re like Santa Clause! Thanks so much. This will help us fill some “downtime” while we’re here. It’s so great to know people are out there thinking of us. Thanks again.” Heidi wrote that she had been in the hospital with her one year old who has RSV, and thought her care package was so nice! Her favorite part was a hand-painted rock that said “courage”.

Not all bags were delivered to local hospitals. Twenty four were delivered to Fredericksburg and Culpepper-area families with children fighting congenital heart defects. Because of the amazing supporters of A Mother’s Keeper, we were able to offer twelve backpacks for the brave CHD warriors, and twelve care packages for the mothers who fight along beside them.

These care packages were delivered at a time when Santa was visiting many hospital units, bringing toys and gifts for the patients. We heard over and over, from the parents and the hospital staff alike, that there are no groups supporting the mothers. But WE do. Every supporter, every donor, every ministry partner, every prayer that was said. Together, #iamamotherskeeper

And together, we made a difference this Christmas!

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